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Starbucks Halloween 2023 Cups & Mugs Are Officially Out

Sep 20, 2023Sep 20, 2023

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So you can be caffeinated and spooky. (Well, spookier than usual.)

Calling all Halloween-loving moms, basic witch moms, and the caffeinated moms who just really love pumpkins: the Starbucks Halloween 2023 cups are officially out. OK, you don’t have to be a mom to get pumped about these, but here’s the thing — moms are doing the most at all times. And if we can add in a little dollop of magic into those errands and rushed mornings, then why shouldn’t we? Today, I’m recommending magic in the form of Starbucks new Halloween mugs, cold cups, and tumblers.

Starbucks’ cups kind of have a cult following at this point. Any quick peruse through Instagram or TikTok will show you people rushing to their local Starbucks to snag some new cold cup that everyone wants or to pick up a coveted holiday mug. But it makes sense — everyone has a favorite mug, and Starbucks mugs and travel tumblers are especially good. They’re just the right size, heavy but not too heavy, and of course come in tons of fun designs. They last forever and my favorite part? You can use them for your actual Starbucks order. (And get a little discount.) Just bring in a clean, reusable cup, and your barista will be happy to pour in your Pumpkin Spice Latte or your Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew or your Iced Apple Crisp Oatmilk Shaken Espresso or — great, now I want one.

Here are some of my favorite Starbucks Halloween 2023 cold cups and mugs, and I’ve even found the perfect situation for you to enjoy with each of them. (Pretty much any situation where you could use a little boost. So... pretty much any situation. Ever.)

Look at this gorgeous cold tumbler. I know, you’ve already got a mug or a tumbler full of coffee, but you know no mom look is complete until she’s juggling a coffee cup, a can of something, and also a big tumbler of ice cold water. Make this fun multicolor drip cup your go-to this Halloween — it’s just $16.95. (And it looks like it could hold quite a bit of some fancy drink for trick-or-treating, too.)

Have you ever started a movie at 7:30 on a Friday night? No, like as a parent? The week has wiped you out — it’s been homework and practices and packing lunches and running to the grocery store because it’s your week for snack and flipping the laundry at 1 a.m. because your kids need purple shirts for Wednesday and it all just comes crashing on you just as you’re ordering pizza on Friday night. Your kids really want a Halloween movie night, and you really want sleep. It’s time to brew a pot of coffee.

Who cares if you won’t fall asleep until 1 a.m. now? You’ve got your new Starbucks hot pink pumpkin mug (she’s only $14.95) and she is ready to rock and roll. You’ll regret this when that 9 a.m. soccer game is about to start, but not for long because you’ll have... of these reusable Starbucks Halloween hot cups! Available in a six-pack, you’ve got one for at least every school day ready to go. The ghost designs are kind of my favorite because isn’t that how all of us feels? Caffeinated to the heavens and back but still just a little wispy? Like, I’m still as exhausted and dead inside as ever, but at least I can walk through walls now.

This six-pack of cups also comes with all-white lids which is really my favorite part — no trying to figure out which lid goes with which cup. They all just fit! Even better? The whole six-pack is just $19.95.

Look, everyone has a favorite mug for every sort of occasion. There’s your favorite travel mug, your favorite chug-and-run-out-the-door mug, your favorite sip and savor mug — this absolutely gorgeous iridescent Calavera skull mug holds 14 ounces and is bound to be your new favorite two-hands mug. You know, that moment when you get a cup of coffee and get to wrap two hands around the mug in pure, utter bliss. That cup of coffee is harder to find once children are underfoot, but this skull mug makes it all worth it. She’s $16.95 and is available only at Target Starbucks locations. (Aw, shucks. Now you gotta go to Target.)

This is the tumbler you take when you’ve got serious sh*t to get done. You’re running errands, you’re blasting through your to-do list, you’re running the PTA meeting — these are the cups. Available in 24-ounce and 16-ounce (there’s even a keychain), these black bling cold cups will make you feel like the glamorous spook-monger you are. Let the light hit it just right to bewitch your entire Instagram following — body and soul. (Or, you know, just pour your pumpkin cold brew in it and run out the door.) The 24-ounce is $29.95 and the 16-ounce is $25.95.

C’mon. This is the perfect cold cup for the season. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s got some Halloween ick factor — 10/10, an A+ all around. This Starbucks green drip cold cup even glows in the dark (omg, perfect for trick-or-treating) and is $29.95.

Never underestimate the power of a good travel mug. Starbucks has some of my favorite coffee tumblers (and I’ve gone through a lot), and I really love this year’s brown pumpkin tumbler. It’s lightweight, it’s classic, and it holds 16 ounces for $14.95. Perfect for those drop-off mornings or fall sports days when you could use a little warming up yourself — and not in the form of tackling drills (although, after refilling this tumbler twice, you might be surprised at just how much you’re up for at 9 a.m.).

‘Tis the season to start vibing. The leaves are falling, the air is getting crisp, and there are tons of movies about ghosts and demons on the TV. You’re going to need a good cup of coffee — might as well pour it into a Starbucks Halloween mug for extra vibes.

Samantha Darby