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South Floridians ready to move on from summer as cool

Oct 08, 2023Oct 08, 2023

JUNO BEACH, Fla. — After months of high temperatures, Floridians can expect a cool down this upcoming week.

People are beginning to put on long-sleeved clothes, pants and drink hot beverages again.

“It’s freezing,” said Cory Clemens, fishing at Juno Beach Pier on Monday. “Absolutely freezing for once.”

He said he slept last night in two layers of clothing because he got used to the amount of humidity in the air.

Fishers often wear longer clothing to protect themselves from the sun, but some told WPTV reporter Ethan Stein that the wind temperature also played a role in their outfit.

Jacqui Calder, who was in leggings and a sweatshirt Monday afternoon at the Pier, said she normally sweats on her walk to the beach. She said the cooler temperatures are a positive.

“This is good,” Calder said. “It’s been really, really hot. So this has been pretty nice.”

Gabriella Benipayo, who was with her 8-month old baby in Tradition on Monday night, said it was the first time she’s put long-sleeve clothes on her child. She said the new weather means she can drink hot coffee rather than ice coffee.

“The humidity, where you can’t even breathe,” Benipayo asked. “Yeah, no. That wasn’t there today. I actually opened up my sliding door it was really nice.”

WPTV’s First Alert Weather team forecasted a low temperature at 58 degrees overnight.

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