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Best vacuum insulated flasks for hot drinks 2023: Thermos and more

Sep 30, 2023Sep 30, 2023

Keep your coffee hot hot

he importance of caffeine in the world of work cannot be understated. Indeed, I write this on my second cup of the enticing, swirling hot substance this morning – before the clock has even struck 11.

We’re not saying it’s particularly healthy that such a large proportion of the population’s workforce require a shot or two of piping hot liquid gold every morning, but it’s certainly something to ponder.

Of course, there are those who enjoy coffee in a slightly healthier, more artisan manner. We’re talking about the types of people who enjoy the occasional cup of overpriced coffee as a treat, alongside a sweet snack in the form of a cronut, or a cruffin – or some other strange pastry hybrid.

Then, there are those who consume hot coffee and tea to warm-up from the inside out during their many extended outdoor excursions. Like TikToker Ben Kielesinski, who always enjoys a cup of coffee with a view somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. How we’d like to be him.

No matter how you consume your hot drink of choice – be it coffee, herbal tea, hot chocolate or even soup – chances are you’d like that drink to remain hot wherever you’re sipping it. In fact, 90 per cent of the reason that I’m personally already two cups of caffeine down, is because my first cooled far too quickly.

In case you weren’t already aware, the answer to all our collective, rapidly cooling hot drink woes lies in a simple contraption: the vacuum insulated flask.

You can essentially think of a vacuum flask as a cup within a cup. The space between the two vessels is partially evacuated of any air, creating a partial vacuum. This, in turn, reduces the ability for heat to be conducted away, and it is therefore retained within the innermost vessel.

In your search for the perfect vacuum insulated flask, you might have also seen the gadget referred to simply as a ‘thermos’. The contraption soared in popularity after the eponymous American brand launched the very first Thermos product in 1904, after its founders domesticated the vacuum insulated technology which had been pioneered by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892. As such, the term for a hot water flask has essentially become interchangeable with Thermos.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for a round-up of the best vacuum insulated thermos flasks to keep your drinks hot no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

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Best for: a lifetime guarantee

First and foremost, we thought it fitting to include the vintage-inspired flask that Ben Kielesinski uses in his many adventure TikToks. Named the ‘legendary classic’ for a reason, this durable and reliable flask is made from BPA-free stainless steel and equipped with double-walled vacuum insulation. Available in either a 1L or 1.9L capacity, we were instantly drawn to its attractive sage green hue.

It’ll keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold, for a whopping 24 hours, and is also dishwasher safe. It’s a winner in our eyes.

Best for: saving the planet

Every time one of these insulated bottles is purchased, funding is provided for the collection of the equivalent of 1,000 bottles worth of plastic from the coastline. Available in a beautiful deep turquoise hue thanks to a limited-edition collaboration with Wild Nutrition, this bottle is made from stainless steel, recycled ocean-bound plastic, is vacuum insulated, and has an integrated cup with a dual-opening for easy refilling.

Best for: good looks

A little shorter than your cult classic double-walled vacuum insulated Hydro Flask, this 354ml option is designed specifically for keeping your favourite hot drinks safe, secure and at the optimum drinking temperature. Equipped with a handy leak-proof, flex sip lid, this model – like all Hydro Flasks –is also made from BPA free materials and is dishwasher safe.

Best for: a tried-and-true classic

You simply can’t go wrong with purchasing an insulated flask from the one and only Thermos. This cherry red option keeps its contents hot for 18 hours, or cold for 24 hours. The integrated stainless steel serving cup keeps your beverage extra warm while you’re sipping away, and we’re big fans of the fact that you can pour hot drinks without removing the twist stopper—which further prevents any heat from escaping.

Best for: a hi-tech, yet value for money option

With almost 4,000 positive reviews for this hi-tech vacuum insulating flask, we simply couldn’t believe the bargain price. The integrated LED screen displays the real-time temperature of your beverage, which is especially helpful for the eager beavers who often burn their tongues after some risky guesswork regarding just how hot their drink actually is.

It’s powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery which intelligently functions on low power at all times, which means you’ll only need to replace the battery – at the very least – every two years. It keeps drinks hot for six hours, and cold for five hours.

Best for: extra warmth and protection

Another option from the iconic Thermos brand, this 900ml flask and pouch set is perfect for keeping your hot drinks extra hot during lengthy outdoor excursions and camping trips. Unlike many stainless-steel flasks, this one is remains cool to the touch even with the hottest of contents inside, making it suitable for clipping right onto your belt with the handy carabiner clip which is attached to the included pouch.

Best for: tea lovers

A sophisticated and sleek design for herbal tea lovers, this set comprises of a 500ml double-walled 18/8 stainless steel bottle and a 300ml travel mug made from the very same materials. Designed and engineered in Sweden, both products are additionally equipped with a copper plating on the inside, which aids in insulation and also prevents the vessels from being hot to the touch.

Best for: a long coffee break with a pal

Stay caffeinated through all manner of outdoor adventures with this nifty portable flask which comes with two cups so you can share with the friend you like the most. It can hold nearly two litres which should be enough for eight rounds of coffee, tea or whatever beverage takes your fancy. Stays hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

Best for: long-term temperature maintenance

Short and stout, this 470ml insulated bottle works equally as well at keeping the temperature just right for hot drinks as well as cold. In fact, get this: S’well claims the triple-layer of insulation and vacuum seal will keep drinks chilled for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours. Impressive, any way you slice it.

Best for: an integrated French Press

Though at first glance this product looks just like your standard insulated flask, what sets the Microlite Commuter Java Press from the others is hinted at in the name. It’s got a hidden, integrated French press for making the freshest coffees on the go, no matter where you are. Granted, you’ll still need to add hot water to coffee grounds either at home before your excursion, or using a portable kettle and stove while you’re out camping. Once that’s done, simply re-insert and push down the

This funky, Nespresso pod compatible device provides extra-hot, fresh espresso without the need for any electricity. We couldn’t believe it either. Simply pop your pod in, and manually crank the semi-automatic piston. The device has an integrated, insulated hot water compartment which feeds piping hot liquid through the pod filter to create a fresh full-bodied espresso. However, you can also purchase an extra-large Minipresso tank via Amazon to create longer coffees which require more hot water, such as Americanos.

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