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11 Best Water Bottles of 2023

Aug 21, 2023Aug 21, 2023

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The Owala FreeSip is the best water bottle for keeping drinks cold all day. The leakproof, lockable lid pairs with a straw or you can sip freely. Read More

This 32-ounce bottle comes with a chug lid and a straw lid. The double insulation keeps drinks cold for hours and comes in multiple sizes/colors. Read More

Though it lacks insulation, this is the best filtered water bottle. It has a replaceable filter straw that lasts up to one year. Read More

Made of glass, the Ello water bottle doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or absorb tastes and smells. Read More

This one-gallon water bottle has helpful timestamps to track your water consumption throughout the day. It comes with a straw lid and a chug lid. Read More

Updated October 6, 2023

Staying hydrated is an easy tactic to help keep you healthy. By increasing your daily water intake, you'll be giving your brain what it needs to think more quickly. It often helps quell the urge to overeat, too. Feeling sore? Being well-hydrated will assist the rest of your body by lubricating your joints, helping to stave off inflammation. With perks like these achievable through little more than remembering to drink a little more water a little more often, it's hard to find a reason why you shouldn't have a reusable water bottle at your side.

After testing the most popular water bottle brands, we've determined that the Owala Stainless Steel FreeSip (available at Amazon for $25.71) is the best water bottle you can buy. For a value-packed choice that keeps drinks frosty, check out the ThermoFlask Water Bottle (available at Amazon). However, the best water bottle for one person might not meet the specific needs of another, and there are many great water bottles in our guide to suit your needs.

The Owala FreeSip is the best water bottle we've tested.

The Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the best water bottle you can buy. In our tests, the Owala water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. While other water bottles, like the Stanley Go Flip, can keep drinks cold for longer, you should be filling it more frequently than that anyway.

The bottle is BPA-free and comes in three different sizes: 24-, 32-, and 40-ounce. There are multiple color combinations to choose from, making this an all-around great option for adults to bring to work or kids to take in their backpacks.

The lid features a unique, two-part lock system that keeps water from leaking out. The lock mechanism lifts, unveiling a press button that, when pushed, automatically flips back to unveil a dual-spout lid.

The Owala FreeSip gives you the option to drink from a straw or tilt it back all in one lid type, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of two lids or forgoing a straw for easy drinking.

The lid can be placed in the dishwasher, but the bottle is hand-wash only. An optional water bottle boot is available for purchase to help increase the longevity of this water bottle.

In short, if you need a water bottle that's easy to tote around, keeps drinks cold, and comes in multiple styles and drinking methods, you can't go wrong with the Owala FreeSip.

2-in-1 leakproof lid

Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours


Not dishwasher safe

This double-insulated ThermoFlask water bottle offers the most bang for your buck.

The ThermoFlask water bottle offers the most value of any water bottle we tested. This stainless steel water bottle has a double-insulated interior wall and vacuum insulation that keeps drinks ice cold for hours. Similar water bottles in our guide are smaller and more expensive.

This water bottle also includes two lids—one that is compatible with a straw and another that allows for chugging. Two straws are also included, adding to the overall value the ThermoFlask offers. Its ability to stay cool all day long makes it a great water bottle for the gym or school.

One downside is that its lid cannot be placed in the dishwasher like our No. 1 pick, making cleaning it a bit more cumbersome. However, this is a minor tradeoff considering the tremendous value this water bottle offers.

It comes in various sizes starting at 18 ounces up to 64 ounces, as well as several color options. If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, the ThermoFlask is the best water bottle to buy.

Double insulated

Two lid options

Great value

Not dishwasher safe

This CamelBak water bottle comes with a reusable LifeStraw, so you can drink filtered water no matter where you are.

For clean water on the go, the CamelBak Eddy+ Water Filter Water Bottle by LifeStraw is the best filtered water bottle in our guide. It has two filtration stages that remove things like bacteria, microplastics, and odors. The LifeStraw filter lasts about one year with regular use—that's every 1,000 gallons. So, you won't need to replace the filter set often, but when you do, it's an additional cost to consider.

This filtered weather bottle is also a great choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly water bottle, as it is made with 50% recycled material. It’s free of BPA, BPS, and BPF.

The bottle we tested holds a total of 20 ounces of water without the filter insert and 14 ounces with the filter. It also comes in a 32-ounce size. Overall, it doesn’t hold as much water as others in our guide, especially if you’re using it with ice. The bottle is not insulated, so ice is necessary if you want to keep your water cold.

The plastic bottle design also means that it will sweat, so we recommend putting a koozie or other covering over it to keep from getting water droplets everywhere.

It's lightweight and easy to carry for traveling and outdoor activities, more so than the heftier stainless steel options in our guide. It doesn’t have a lingering plastic taste like some plastic water bottles tend to.

The lid and straw parts do not leak, however, you have to bite down on the straw to open it up and for the water to flow through. We prefer other options that don’t require biting to drink, like our Best Value pick.

Another thing to note is that the water bottle is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12, so it’s not a good option if you need a water bottle for kids.

Filtered water on the go

Filtered straw lasts a while


Not for kids under 12

Have to press down to drink

Not insulated

This Ello water bottle with a flip lid is our pick for the best glass water bottle.

The Ello water bottle is the best glass water bottle we tested. This plastic-free bottle features a one-touch flip lid that is easy to drink from. It’s not insulated, but it does an OK job of keeping liquids cold for a couple hours at a time. The silicone sleeve helps to mostly wick away condensation, so you aren’t slogging around a wet bottle.

The glass-over-plastic design is also ideal for bringing along liquids like iced coffee, juice, and sports drinks, as glass does not absorb flavors like plastic tends to.

While we like the style of the lid, there is no option to add a straw. This is not a dealbreaker, as we like this glass water bottle, but if you prefer a straw, look elsewhere in our guide. The mouthpiece is also fairly small, meaning you can only add one or two pieces of ice at a time.

The exterior silicone sleeve protects the glass from breaking. Although the instructions say you don't have to remove the glass sleeve for cleaning, we did find some debris that got stuck in the grooves of the silicone sleeve. The bottle itself is hand-wash only but the other parts are safe for cleaning on the top rack of the dishwasher.

This 20-ounce glass water bottle is BPA-, phthalates-, PVC-, lead-, and cadmium-free, making it an ideal water bottle option for anyone looking to avoid plastics. As long as you're drinking quickly, this water bottle is a great choice, but it’s not made for all-day chillin’ like our No. 1 pick.

Protective silicone sleeve

Easy to drink from


Doesn't keep drinks cold longterm

Debris can build up under silicone sleeve

No option for straw

The one-gallon Life Water Bottle is large, but its a great vessel for all-day hydration.

The Life Water Bottle is the best gallon water bottle in our guide. The 128-ounce jug features an easy-to-use straw lid, which also transforms into a chug lid, giving you two ways to drink from it. The built-in handle and detachable strap make this gallon water bottle easy to carry around and lift for a drink (but it's heavy to handle when full). It's made from food-grade plastic that claims to be non-toxic and BPA-free.

The plastic design is useful, as you can easily see how much water you've consumed throughout the day. There are helpful time stamps on the exterior of the gallon water bottle to encourage you to drink a certain amount by a certain time. However, the plastic design is not so great for keeping your drink ice cold all day long, like our No. 1 pick.

Also, of note, due to its large size, it does not fit into standard-size cup holders and is cumbersome to bring with you out and about. It's best suited for the gym or leaving on your desk to ensure you're drinking an adequate amount of water.

On the upside, though, it didn't leak for us. It comes in multiple colors and includes a bottle brush for easy cleaning.

Large capacity

Two lid options

Helps you drink more water

Not insulated

For cold drinks all day, this 24-ounce Hydro Flask water bottle with flex straw cap is a solid choice. It has good cold retention thanks to its double-wall insulation and is easy to clean since it can be placed in the dishwasher.

It fits into most standard size cupholders and is BPA-free. The prograde stainless steel build means that flavors do not transfer, so your liquids always taste exactly as they should.

A couple of things held it back from being a top pick. First, the lid, while leakproof, is harder to open than others in our guide. It's a bit stiff to flip up and requires more work to open. The lid also needs to be fully extended in order for liquid to come up.

Second, the opening of the bottle is rather small, making it hard to quickly fill with regular-sized ice cubes that come from a refrigerator. We also found the small size hard to scoop nugget ice into. Neither of these are deal breakers, more just things to know before you buy.

Otherwise, this Hydro Flask water bottle, which comes in several sizes and colors, is a fantastic choice for travel, in the car, or at the gym thanks to its long term cooling powers.

Keeps drinks cold

Dishwasher safe

BPA free

Straw is hard to open

Small opening for ice

The 24-ounce Stanley Quick Flip Go Bottle is one of the easiest water bottles in our guide to open. On the front of the lid is a wide rectangular button that doesn't require much muscle to quickly pop the top open for a cool sip.

Speaking of, this Stanley bottle keeps your drinks chilled, with minimal ice melting during our five-hour tests. We even left this bottle in the car once overnight and it still had ice inside over 15 hours later.

On the downside, the mouthpiece you drink from is big, so you may end up with some water in your face if you tilt it too far back. For this reason, we wish the design had an alternate option for a straw.

However, we like the lockable lid, which clicks into place and has an additional bar to keep the lid from accidentally opening if the trigger button gets clicked inside of your bag or backpack. The top of the lid, when opened, locks into place so that it doesn’t smack you in the face when you’re taking a sip.

Another thing to note is that the carrying handle is thin and uncomfortable to hold after several minutes. But that’s a minor gripe for a well-made water bottle that keeps drinks chilled for over 24 hours.

Keeps drinks cold for over 24 hours

Easy to open and drink

No option for straw

Uncomfortable to carry

The Yeti Rambler water bottle is vacuum insulated and does a fantastic job of keeping your cold drinks chilled overnight. The 18-ounce capacity is on the small side, and it's more expensive than others in our guide, but overall, this Yeti water bottle keeps drinks ice cold (though you'll probably finish what's inside before the cooling time really matters).

It comes with a chug cap that's easy to drink from (but no option to add a straw) and a twist handle top that's easy to hold. The bottle comes in multiple DuraCoat colors that claim not to fade, peel, or crack.

This Yeti water bottle is also dishwasher safe and held up well during washing in our tests. It fits standard-size cupholders and is a great bottle to keep in your car for driving to and from work or running errands.

Great for keeping drinks cold

Solid construction

Easy to drink from and transport

No option for straw

The insulated Takeya water bottle is another great choice for a water bottle that keeps drinks cold for hours. We like that it comes with a protective silicone boot to prevent bumps and scratches, however, the silicone boot comes off easily and we lost it during testing.

During our tests, this bottle did not leak. We also like that it has a loop handle, so you can clip it to a stroller, bike, or backpack. It also has a hinge-lock lid that stays out of the way when you sling the bottle back for a sip. It lost a few points in our testing because it is hand-wash only and is more expensive for the size compared to our Best Value pick.

The double-insulated bottle is BPA-free and comes in various sizes from 18 to 64 ounces, and multiple colors.


Comes with protective silicone boot

Many size and color options

Hand wash only

The Corkcicle Insulated Water Bottle is a great choice for a dishwasher-safe stainless steel water bottle. The triple-insulated bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 25 hours—and we agree, it excels at keeping liquids icy cold for long periods. Despite its narrow design, the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to accommodate multiple ice cubes at once.

One qualm we have with the Corkcicle water bottle is that the Quick Sip Sport Lid is almost too secure. It doesn't leak, which is a plus, but we found it harder to open than many other water bottles in our guide.

Of all the water bottles we tested, this one offers the best grip. There’s a handle on the lid for easy carrying. It's made of a Duraprene finish, giving it a soft, velvety feel that is easy to grip and doesn't sweat.

However, we found it a bit harder to keep clean than other stainless steel bottles in our guide. Coffee stains and dirt, for example, seemed to stick to the outside and don’t brush off as easily as they do on coated stainless steel surfaces, like our No. 1 pick.

Three lays of insulation

Dishwasher safe

Good grip

Exterior material stains easily

Hard to open

The Naglene Sustain Tritan water bottle offers a wide mouth that's easy to drink from. It has a large, 32-ounce capacity with helpful drinking markers in milliliters and ounces on the side that show you how much water you have left.

The BPA- and BPS-free bottle is made from 50% plastic waste and comes in several colors. Of course, because it’s plastic, this means the bottle is not insulated, like our No. 1 pick, so it won’t keep your water cold for more than an hour or two if it’s loaded with ice.

We like the wide mouth screw top lid, which prevents leaks when on tight, and think it is great for guzzling water at the gym or on hikes. The wide mouth also makes it easy to clean with a bottle brush or you can place it in the dishwasher (top rack only) for easy cleaning.

However, the bottle itself is fairly wide and may not fit in all cup holders. The impact-resistant material means it’s extra durable, and shouldn’t crack or break with normal wear and tear.

While it’s not going to chill your drinks for hours on end, the Nalgene water bottle is a great choice for toting around a lot of liquid at once, is easy to drink from, and is dishwasher safe.

Large capacity

Helpful measurement markers

Wide mouth


Not insulated

May not fit in cupholders

Hi, I’m Rachel Murphy, and I’m the home editor at Reviewed. I live in hot and sunny Florida, so finding a water bottle that keeps drinks cold is important to me.

We rated water bottles based on the ease of washing, insulation, how easy each is to transport. We also reviewed these bottles based on the exterior design, usefulness in everyday life, and how easy each one is to drink from.

We tested water temperature by filling each one with the same amount of ice cubes and letting each sit out for the same amount of time. Additionally, we tested to see if any of the water tasted like material of the bottle at any point during testing.

For starters, about 91% of plastics like the sort found in disposable water bottles never make it to a recycling center. Given that it can take some types of plastic between 450 to 1,000 years to completely break down (worse than this, bottles made using Polyethylene Terephthalate won't biodegrade, at all,) that makes for a whole lot of discarded drinking vessels cluttering up our planet.

Add to this the fact that over 1.5 million barrels of oil per year are used in the production of plastic water bottles and the quench to quell your thirst with a container of water acquired at a corner store becomes a quagmire of massive environmental issues.

It used to be that schools, offices, and public spaces were ripe with water fountains that you could drink from.

However, as the money required to keep pipes and fountain fixtures working as they should have trickled away and, as we've come to understand more about how viruses and other bugs are transmitted from person to person, these fixtures have fallen out of favor with health officials and civic planners.

In light of these issues, investing in a reusable water bottle to keep your drinks cold is one of the smartest choices you can make.

There are pros and cons to plastic and glass water bottles.

From the type of material to the style of the cap, the best water bottles can be customized to suit your specific needs. Vacuum-insulated stainless steel is almost unbeatable when it comes to keeping cool, but it is prone to denting if dropped and can leave a metallic taste. Plastic—look for BPA-free—is lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive, and easy to clean, which is why it’s a go-to pick for athletes instead of glass bottles.

But it’s not insulated and can give off-flavors and smells. Glass water bottles don't transmit off-tastes or odors (and may appeal to aesthetes), but it’s heavier, costlier, and more fragile, making it less than ideal when it comes to portability/durability.

You’ll also want to consider quick access versus screw caps. Push/pull designs can be simply flicked up with one hand, and provide some sort of straw or spout lid to drink from. The other type needs to be actively undone with two hands, but is less prone to breaking, and is easier to disinfect and clean.

If you're constantly draining and refilling your water bottle, you might think that there's no reason to wash it regularly: filling it up is as good as a rinse, right?

Not so much. Bacteria loves moisture, even if you're rinsing and refilling your bottle three or four times a day, sooner or later, it's going to need a good hand washing. We recommend doing it once every 24 hours.

If you own a dishwasher, pop your bottle in the bottom or top rack and let the cleansing begin—but first, be sure to check that your bottle is dishwasher-safe. Most manufacturers tend to place this information on the bottom of the bottle. If it's not listed there, check the manufacturer's website for the data. Whether it's dishwasher safe or not, all water bottles, be they made of glass, plastic, or stainless steel, can be washed in a sink full of hot, soapy water.

To wash your water bottle in the sink, start by draining your bottle of whatever is left inside of it. Next, leave the cap in your dishwater to soak (giving the water a chance to loosen up any crud that may have collected in the grooves inside of the lid,) and scrub out the interior of the bottle using a bottle brush, like these. Now rinse the bottle in clean water and leave it out to air dry before turning your attention to the bottle's cap. Using your bottle Brush, scrub the cap, inside and out before drying it off.

If you just got over the flu or a cold, or your bottle was used to carry non-potable water, you may want to consider disinfecting your water bottle with a weak bleach solution.

To make the solution, add a tablespoon of chlorine bleach to a quart of water. Dunk your water bottle and its lid in the solution and leave them to sit for five minutes—maybe use the time to make a sandwich or something. At the end of the five minutes, rinse your bottle with fresh water, dry it and you're ready to chug fluids, once again.

Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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