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REVIEW: The BirdieBall is the Rolls Royce of At

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If you are anything like me and you love the game of golf, you want two things: good weather so you can practice and a way to improve your game at home in case the climate does not want to cooperate.

With Summer coming to a close and Fall officially here, I truly believe the best time of the year for golf has finally “fallen” upon us, pun intended. Yeah, I hate the aerated greens and trying to find a ball under leaves as much as the next person, but there’s nothing better than a brisk morning, a hot cup of coffee, and 18 holes at sunrise with a few of your best buddies.

Unfortunately, there are mornings or even days when it is just too chilly or windy, and there are days when the temperature is right, but it might be raining. In these cases, ranges might be an okay option, but sometimes we don’t want to leave the house. Instead, we have to find solutions at home

Luckily for me (and now you), I have found what I believe to be the Rolls Royce of putting mats for your home. I have had several in my house, everything from the cheap Maxfli golf mats to Perfect Practice’s at-home and travel mats. While they all have their advantages, nothing is quite like the BirdieBall putting mat.

BirdieBall offers numerous-sized mats, and they let me pick basically what I thought would be most suitable for me. The widths for the mats vary, and you can choose 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, or 8 feet, and with the 3 or 4-foot options, you can go as long as 30 feet.

You can also choose a variety of cup placements. For me, I have three on one end and one on the other.

You can build your mat here.

My mat got here to Pennsylvania in about five days and arrived in a nice big box delivered right to my front porch. The mat, the rubber ends, and the flags were all in the same box, and it weighed maybe 30 pounds with everything in it.

It was easy to bring inside and wasn’t an awkward carry into the house or down the stairs to the basement. If you’re younger or have a bad back, definitely lift it with a buddy, but don’t expect it to weigh hundreds of pounds and expect it to be a stressful process to get it to wherever you’re planning to put it.

Setting it up also took me less than 10 minutes and was extremely easy to do on my own. My mat is 4 feet by 24 feet, and it was not a hard set up to do without anyone here. I am not someone who loves a bunch of assembly (even though 90 percent of my house is IKEA), but this was not a difficult process, even in the slightest.

I even did a timelapse of the setup:

A post shared by Joey Klender (@klendergolf)

Many of the reviews I read online before mine arrived indicated the material was a lot like a putting noodle, and that’s pretty much exactly how I’d describe it.

Using their patented Roll Tech Foam, BirdieBall mats roll true and better than any other putting mat I’ve had. Perfect Putting mats use more of a “carpet” material, which is nice but doesn’t necessarily simulate putting greens as well as the BirdieBall does. I always enjoyed my Perfect Putting mat for working on things like 3-to-6 footers, but I never enjoyed the ramp up to the holes, and I didn’t enjoy how much it shifted, even with the grip on the bottom.

You won’t really have that issue with the BirdieBall. While I was lucky enough to have the room for a long mat, speed simulation is much better with the BirdieBall, and I feel it gives a much more genuine feel in terms of practice and is not so “simulated.”

Simply put, I don’t feel much of a difference between going to the range and using the practice green there and using the BirdieBall. The only difference is you will get more real-world practice on an actual green, and you have more of an ability to practice lag putting and breaking putts.

It is great not to have to drive to the range on my break or after work. I can just walk downstairs with a sandwich and a drink and practice basically any length putt.

The holes are also an interesting feature because BirdieBall includes several with your mat. I got one “Deep Cup” that I have placed in the middle of the three-hole side, and I prefer to use that for practicing anything under 15 feet.

I feel that this is a great cup to use for that length of practice because these are putts that, ideally, we should be making about 20-25 percent of the time. The PGA Tour average from 11-15 feet was 30.1 percent in 2019. I found with the standard shallow cups, the balls don’t always stay in when they should, and it’s simply due to the fact that you don’t have much of a drop for the ball to find a place in. Sometimes it might be too much pace, other times, it might be the fact that the cup is just too shallow.

I also had problems initially with balls heading straight for the cup, only to turn and basically ride the boundaries of it. A putt that was traveling dead straight for 18 feet would all of a sudden turn at the very last second.

BirdieBall suggests the following solutions:

I still had a few issues after using these tips, but I summed it up as more of an adjustment period from the shipping process. Putting mats are never going to be perfectly flat, but over time they will get pretty close. My BirdieBall got pretty close to flat after about a week and a half. I even walked on some of the parts that were giving me a headache, and it helped without a doubt.

I only have two real complaints with the BirdieBall, and they come down to speed and issues with accumulating debris. These are both things that can easily be fixed.

There are three stimps: Slow, Medium, and Fast, and mine is Medium. Medium is still a very slick green, and it will take some time to get used to. However, it is no different than going from course to course and being challenged with different green speeds.

It takes time to get used to, but, in my experience so far, the speed has made me a better putter and forced me to adjust my stroke accordingly. You can also use BirdieBall’s Stimp Maintenance Brush, which they are sending me currently, or any “stiff-bristled broom or brush” to slow the green down. Just be sure to be gentle with the foam.

I have had issues with pet hair, as my best boy Finn has been joining me downstairs for putting practice when he’s not barking at the UPS guy for dropping off packages for me to review.

The foam is, unfortunately, like a magnet and attracts all of his hair. I thought about taking my Shark vacuum over the BirdieBall mat, but it’s pretty easy to pick up with your fingers if it is not overwhelming. If it is, BirdieBall suggests you use the Stimp Maintenance Brush to collect the debris and remove it.

This is a really great way to practice at home, and BirdieBall offers so much versatility that it is truly the mat for everyone. No matter what your price point is, how much space you have, or whether you want an indoor or outdoor mat, they have something for you.

There are also so many add-ons, like a stance mat if you don’t want to stand on the green itself, even though I haven’t had an issue with doing it in socks or slippers or even Crocs, contour shims for some practice with breaking putts, and even a storage bag that is perfect for the non-permanent putting mat.

It’s really a great product that, for me, has been a godsend because my golf club is a half-hour drive, and when I’m working late or just don’t have the energy to make it over, I don’t have an excuse not to practice.

Taking out my nitpicks and the early issues with the holes, the BirdieBall is the best putting mat out there, and I don’t know when I’ll find another that is even remotely comparable.

You can also use code GOLFICITY10 at checkout for 10% off your order!

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Joey has been a journalist for over three years, covering various topics in the automotive and sports industries. He has been a passionate golfer for around six years, but has been a fan of the game for much longer. His earliest memories of golf are watching The Masters and learning the game with friends at courses local to him in Pennsylvania, which, despite the challenging climate, he plays year-round. He has attended several golf tournaments, including the BMW Championship in 2021 and 2022, and has been denied (what should be) a record 12 times for The Masters' annual ticket lottery.In his bag, Joey currently plays the TaylorMade Stealth Driver and 3 Wood, TSi2 19° Hybrid, Titleist T300 irons, Callaway Mack Daddy and Tommy Armour Wedges, and a TaylorMade Spider Putter. He plays TP5x or ProV1x.

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TaylorMade has blacked out the P770 irons with a new Phantom Black finish that is sure to turn heads when you rock them out on the course or even at the range.

For $1,399.99, you can snag the P770 irons from TaylorMade, which come in right-handedness only and come standard with the KBS Tour Black shafts in 4-PW.

TaylorMade writes about the P770 Phantom Black:

“A new member has emerged to join the Phantom family. Introducing P·770 Phantom Black, boasting a more compact design that belies its explosive power. It’s the embodiment of grace and aggression, giving you the distance you need without compromising the shot-making ability of a player’s iron.”

The P770s are aimed toward handicappers from 10 to any single digit, according to Golfer Geeks. They are fit with a thinner topline for a more compact look and less offset in the longer irons, which will give you slightly less forgiveness.

However, the FLTD CG shifts the center of gravity in the lower irons and helps encourage launch and playability. It is also engineered to optimize trajectory and prompt consistency and control.

The Phantom family has a new member. ⚫

The #P770 Phantom Black Irons sport a sleek new finish and are available online and in stores now.

Shop them here:

— TaylorMade Golf (@TaylorMadeGolf) October 13, 2023

The P770s are a forged hollowed-body construction with an ultra-thin face, increasing feel, distance, and forgiveness.

This is not the first time TaylorMade has offered a black iron, with the P790s being offered last year and even the game improvement Stealth irons getting their own blacked-out set.

The P770 was the 15th most popular iron on the PGA Tour last year and was played by Collin Morikawa, Jason Day, Harry Higgs, and Tiger Woods, who last used them in December 2022, according to PGA Club Tracker.

It is no secret that blacked-out irons have been a hot commodity in the golf community over the past few years. Cameron Smith plays a set of all-black Titleist T100, also fitted with KBS Black Tour Shafts.

TaylorMade and Titleist are just two companies that have offered limited edition versions of their most popular irons in a black finish.

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Golf is an incredible sport. In addition to the unique features and challenges you’ll encounter on each course, one thing I’d like to highlight is that golf is a sport that, unlike many others, without uniforms. Yes, some facilities require you comply with minimum dress requirements (collared shirts, no cargo shorts, etc.), but none require you to wear a specific outfit that would cause everyone on the course to be wearing the same shirt, hats, shorts, etc.

So while there is nearly limitless variability in what you can wear on the course, the sad truth is that variety is severely limited when it comes to certain golf accessories, including perhaps your most noticeable chance for expression—your golf bag.

A post shared by STITCH GOLF (@stitchgolf)

While golf bag makers generally offer a range of colorways, STITCH Golf has decided to take it several steps further with its Make It Yours (MIY) SL2 Golf Bag.

Starting with their award-winning SL2, STITCH allows golfers to completely customize their golf bag by selecting the color for the bag chassis, strap, and saddle pocket color, plus the option to add initials. And if you ever get tired, STITCH will be releasing additional interchangeable components that can be purchased separately to allow a constant refresh.

And to ensure your bag performs as good as it looks, STITCH has added 50% more storage space than the original SL2 Golf Bag with a new GT saddle pocket designed to carry everything you need for your round, and easily access it with stretch pocket construction.<p

A post shared by STITCH GOLF (@stitchgolf)

The MIY SL2’s pockets each feature YKK extra tough zippers built for extreme durability, as well as a magnetic pocket designed to carry a 12-pack of golf balls, plus a felt valuables pocket—perfect for your phone, car keys, or a flask holding some swing oil.

Notwithstanding the near limitless customization, the MIY SL2 remains super lightweight—only 99 oz—which means the MIY SL2 is well suited for duty, whether you’re walking or riding down the fairways.

I am fortunate enough to be one of the first to get a MIY SL2 and instantly went with a colorway that was previously unavailable—a NY Yankees-inspired navy/white combination. When it arrived, I was immediately blown away that this was the exact bag that I had designed on the MIY SL2 website only weeks earlier. Upon closer inspection, two things further caught my attention.

A post shared by STITCH GOLF (@stitchgolf)

First, the MIY SL2 will allow for future customization—using hidden zippers to attach the saddle pockets to the chassis—without compromising the bag’s construction and durability, and second, the MIY SL2 does have considerably more storage to the prior generation SL2 (which I’ve been using for years now). While I previously had to cram more stuff in pockets than I’d like (forcing me to empty the entire pocket to find something at the bottom), the MIY SL2 allows me to diversify among the pockets and put everything in its place, whether that’s in a side pocket or the center-mounted magnetic pocket—which is super accessible while walking between shots.

On the course, the MIY SL2 was equally impressive. The customization garnered positive comments—along with many several as to where they can get their own—from my club’s starter and playing partners, as it allows the MIY SL2 to stand apart from the more mainstream bags that are covered with OEM branding. Similarly positive was that, despite playing corded grips and an oversized putter grip, nothing got stuck in the MIY SL2’s 4-way top divider.

There are few opportunities to make something actually yours in golf. Yes, you can add stamping to wedges, but even the most creative stamping will never garner the same impact as a custom MIY SL2, especially once you remember that STITCH will allow for future customization, allowing for a number of unique looks that could easily be changed throughout a weekend.

The MIY SL2 is currently available ($448) and waiting for your customization, and with code “GOLFICITY20,” you can get 20% OFF your MIY SL2, along with any other accessories and apparel you order!

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For sneakerheads and shoe junkiers, resellers have frequently become a necessary intermediary when looking for those special edition shoes you desperately desire. Unfortunately, resellers—fully aware of the limited supply—invariably add a very healthy premium over the MSRP to line their pockets.

A post shared by TRENDYGOLF | Golf Fashion | (@trendygolf)

So when it was announced that Nike would be releasing a limited edition Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott, with an MSRP $170, it was all but guaranteed that resellers would look to scoop up as many pairs as they could and re-list them for as much as $1,000 on websites like StockX.

In the hopes of preventing this horrific practice, TRENDYGOLF—a premium golf apparel and accessory retailer—implemented a unique practice to ensure an actual golfer would be able to scoop up this unique sneaker collab. To qualify to purchase the Travis Scott Jordan 1’s, attendees would need to jump in a golf simulator and have two attempts to drive a ball over 200 yards (or 150 yards or more for women).

A post shared by TRENDYGOLF | Golf Fashion | (@trendygolf)

While it was unclear whether it would be a Trackman or Foresight simulator and whether you could bring your own driver, TRENDYGOLF did confirm that this process was specifically implemented to “ensure that the shoes are being purchased by golfers rather than resellers.”

While this might be a first, I actually hope it becomes a more standardized practice.

Cover Image via Sneaker News

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Roll Tech FoamGOLFICITY10releasing additional interchangeable components50% more storageonly 99 ozGOLFICITY2020% OFF as much as $1,000 on websites like StockXRoll Tech FoamGOLFICITY10releasing additional interchangeable components50% more storageonly 99 ozGOLFICITY2020% OFF as much as $1,000 on websites like StockXRoll Tech FoamGOLFICITY10releasing additional interchangeable components50% more storageonly 99 ozGOLFICITY2020% OFF as much as $1,000 on websites like StockXRoll Tech FoamGOLFICITY10releasing additional interchangeable components50% more storageonly 99 ozGOLFICITY2020% OFF as much as $1,000 on websites like StockXRoll Tech FoamGOLFICITY10releasing additional interchangeable components50% more storageonly 99 ozGOLFICITY2020% OFF as much as $1,000 on websites like StockXRoll Tech FoamGOLFICITY10releasing additional interchangeable components50% more storageonly 99 ozGOLFICITY2020% OFF as much as $1,000 on websites like StockX