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Nespresso Vertuo Next review

Jul 17, 2023Jul 17, 2023

The Nespresso Vertuo Next effortlessly delivers coffee from a capsule with one-button operation, but the espresso quality is lacking.

Intuitive to use

Automatic rinse and descale

Adjustable height cup holder

Coffee has a bubbly crema

No integrated milk frother

Plastic exterior

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Cup capacity: espresso, double espresso, 5oz, 8oz, 18oz (UK cup sizes: espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, mug, carafe)Size: 5.5 x 16.9 x 12.4 inchesWeight: 8.8lbs/ 4kgPod type: Vertuo LineAutomatic capsule detection: YesCentrifusion brewing: YesRemovable water reservoir: YesMilk frother: NoStrength settings: NoIced coffee: No

Nespresso is one of the biggest capsule brands around, offering several different coffee makers to choose from. The Nespresso Vertuo Next is one of the most affordable Nespresso Vertuo machines you can buy. But as the name suggests, it uses the Vertuo capsules, which is the pricier option compared to the original capsules.

It’s available in a range of colors and metallic finishes so you can choose a more subtle design or go for one that stands out. It can dispense five cup sizes, from a shot of espresso all the way up to a full carafe via one simple button. But you won’t find any extra features such as hot water dispensing or milk frothing.

We put it to the test to see if the Vertuo Next is worthy of a spot on your kitchen counter, as well as a place on our roundup of the best Nespresso machines. Read on for our full Nespresso Vertuo Next review.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next starts at $146 for the standard colors like white, gray, and red, and goes up to $209 for deluxe and limited-edition colors such as chrome, rose gold, and matte black. In the UK you can expect to pay £149 - £199 depending on the color and finish. The Vertuo Next is available directly from Nespresso as well as Amazon, and multiple other stockists both online and in-store.

The Vertuo capsules start at $0.98/ 48p for a single espresso, which makes them more expensive than the Nespresso original capsules that start at around $0.80/ 39p. Capsules are readily available for online order directly from Nespresso as well as through plenty of retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

While the Vertuo Next isn’t the most compact Nespresso model I’ve had on my kitchen counter, its slim 5.5inch width means it’s the slimmest of the Vertuo models, and it really doesn’t take up too much space. It can easily be tucked next to a wall or into your coffee station. The exterior is very plastic-heavy, but in an effort to become more planet friendly, it is at least made of 40% - 54% recycled plastics (depending on which color you choose), and the construction feels solid and sturdy.

I reviewed the simple black and chrome colorway, but there are 12 color variations to choose from. Though it’s worth pointing out the main body of the machine is always black. The round brewing head at the front of the machine and the cup support are the only parts that differ in color when you choose an alternative.

On top of the coffee maker there’s just one button for all functions, and surrounding it is the twisting capsule lock mechanism. Sliding this to the unlock position opens the lid to allow a capsule to be inserted. Then all you need to do is push the lid back down and slide it to lock again.

After brewing, unlocking it will automatically eject the used capsule into the internal compartment for disposal. The capsule container is accessed at the side of the machine and can hold 10 capsules, so only needs emptying periodically.

The round cup support is wide enough for a typical mug, and includes a drip tray beneath so it’ll catch any accidental drips or overflows. The cup support is removable and there are three different height levels to choose from, making it perfect for everything from tiny espresso cups to taller mugs.

At the back of the coffee machine, there’s a removable 37-ounce water tank with a lid. It’s made of clear plastic so it’s easy to see the water level, but you won’t see any markers for min or max water level, which is a shame. Instead, if the tank runs empty, the light on the button will illuminate orange to alert you.

This is the only Nespresso Vertuo machine that can take a carafe capsule and brew a full 18 oz carafe size volume of coffee (not available on the UK model). It’s worth pointing out that there’s no milk frother on this machine though, so if you want to make barista style lattes and cappuccinos, you’ll have to buy a standalone milk frother which will cost upwards of $99 for a Nespresso model.

The coffee maker does have Wi-Fi connectivity and an accompanying app, though its long-term usefulness is debatable. The app doesn’t allow you to control the machine, but it contains some helpful maintenance information, and advice on adjusting settings that you won’t find in the basic manual. For example, you can adjust water hardness via the app, and find instructions on how to program the water volume dispensed. You can also quickly order more capsules here too, but otherwise it’s not super functional. Although, connecting the coffee machine to Wi-Fi does allow it to update itself when required, so that it continues to perform optimally.

From cold water, the coffee maker took around 24 seconds to heat up ready for use. During this time, the white light on the button pulses, then turns solid when it’s warm. Adding a coffee capsule into the holder is very straightforward. It does require a little pressure to push the lid down and slide the lever to lock, but most people won’t struggle to do this.

Cleverly, the Vertuo Next reads a barcode on each capsule, which prompts it to adjust the brewing settings accordingly. This means that it knows what type and size of capsule has been added and based on that it’ll dispense the correct volume of water and crema — hence there’s no need for several buttons to brew the different coffee options.

Pouring a single espresso took an average of 53 seconds, while a double espresso took 75 seconds, which is quite slow in comparison to most other Nespresso machines. The Nespresso Vertuo is around 10-15 seconds faster. But, this isn’t too long to wait for your morning cup of Joe in the grand scheme of things. The average temperature after pouring is 147°F, which is a good temperature.

The espresso crema was disappointing however. Instead of the thick velvety crema that you’ll get from a premium espresso machine, it was overly bubbly and far from thick or robust. Flavor will depend on the capsule you choose and there’s plenty of variety here, so you should find one that suits your taste.

It used 0.005 kWh of energy to pour a single espresso, but if you include the energy used to heat up from cold, this increases to 0.011kWh. To save energy, the machine will enter standby after just two minutes of non-use.

In terms of noise, it hit a maximum of 72dB on my noise meter, which is a comfortable level and means it’s not too noisy. I also measured the temperature of the casing after brewing two drinks and it didn’t get above 90°F, so there’s no need to worry about burning yourself.

The single button operation coupled with the simple coffee capsule system means this coffee maker is as simple as they come. There are no complicated barista style skills to learn, as this is the plug-in-and-play option.

It would have been nice to see min and max lines on the water tank, but nevertheless it’s easy to see the water level. Removing the tank is easy, but there’s no handle to help lift it out and you must be sure it clicks properly back into position, or it’ll leak.

The capsule bin can hold up to 10 capsules and it slides out from the side of the machine, but again, there’s no handle to help with gripping it, just an indent to allow your finger to pull it out. Meanwhile, the cup holder is simple to remove and slots easily into each of the different levels.

To clean the inside of the machine there’s an automatic cleaning function. Simply fill the water tank, eject any used capsule that may be present, and press the button three times in quick succession. It’ll automatically perform a rinse, while all removable parts need to be hand washed with warm soapy water.

Similarly, descaling is effortless, but you’ll need a Nespresso descaling agent to hand. Once the water tank is filled with water and the descaler, pressing and holding the button for seven seconds starts the automated descaling process. The rinse and descale auto functions can also be initiated in the app.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next will suit those looking for an easy-to-use coffee maker that takes the thinking out of brewing coffee, and pours a consistent drink every time. If you simply want a cup of everyday coffee and you’re not critical about creating the most premium flavor, aroma and crema, it’ll fit the bill. Plus, there’s the added bonus that unlike other Nespresso Vertuo models, it can brew a full carafe. But if you’re a coffee connoisseur looking for the ultimate espresso, this machine won’t deliver.

While it’s an affordable coffee maker, the fact that it doesn’t include a milk frother should be considered. Not to mention the ongoing cost of coffee capsules that’ll start to add up if you drink several cups a day. That said, if you're trying to decide between Vertuo models, this one is a great choice and I would buy it over the original Nespresso Vertuo any day. If you want a milk frother, it might be worth considering the Nespresso Creatista Plus instead. As one of our top scorers, this produced frothed milk with a perfect texture, plus there’s more options to personalize your drinks.

Helen started reviewing home and kitchen appliances in 2007 at the Good Housekeeping Institute and has never looked back. She’s now freelance and reviews all sorts of appliances from her home in a pretty village in the UK. Despite having reviewed hundreds of coffee machines in her time, she’s only recently developed a love for coffee and a daily coffee habit, which makes tasting all those coffees much more enjoyable!

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