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This Cabela's Cooler Can Keep Ice Frozen For Up to a Week

Oct 21, 2023Oct 21, 2023

It's one of the best coolers I've ever used

By Amanda Oliver | Published Sep 28, 2023 2:58 PM EDT

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Over the years, I’ve built up quite the collection of coolers, from insulated backpacks to hefty rotomolded ice chests. And as such, I learned quickly that there are coolers and then there are good coolers. The Cabela’s Polar Cap cooler falls into the latter category, ranking right up there with Yeti and RTIC.

I had the opportunity to test out the highly rated Cabela’s cooler over the last few months, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s everything you could want in a cooler: durable, secure, and, most importantly, well-insulated. Here’s my honest review of the massive 60-quart Equalizer, and why it’s become one of my favorites.





Let’s start with the most important feature of a cooler, and where the Cabela’s Polar Cap really shines: ice retention. Or, for that matter, insulation. This cooler can keep your ice frozen for up to seven days straight. I should know, because I tried it. It started to melt but there was still plenty of ice left and thus plenty of cold to keep food and drinks just as chilled. The foam insulation—along with the airtight rubber seal and freezer-grade gasket—helps with that temperature control.

I like the rubber latches that are easy to secure and stay locked no matter how much the cooler bounces around in the bed of a truck (although it doesn’t move too much thanks to the rubber non-skid feet!). It’s also bear-resistant, which gives you peace of mind while camping.

Of course, I have to call out the large 60-quart capacity. It’s big enough to hold drinks for the whole family or a bunch of guests when we’re hosting backyard barbecues. I like it as much for beach trips and road trips as I do for camping or boating. Additionally, when you’re finished using it, it’s easy to drain with the spigot at the bottom.

The last thing I’ll say about this cooler is that it’s super rugged and durable. It’s obvious from the tough resin exterior and high quality parts that it’ll last for years and years to come. It handles abuse well and performs well in any conditions, whether it’s 95 degrees outside or below freezing. The molded handles are comfortable to hold and carry, too.

There’s only one thing I’d change about the Cabela’s Polar Cap: I would add wheels. As is to be expected with any cooler of this size, it’s heavy, even when it’s completely empty. Once we add ice and drinks, there’s no way I’m carrying it by myself—I need someone else to help haul it around. That’s fine but it’s a little inconvenient. If there was a wheeled option available, it would be a lot easier to tote this cooler to the beach or campsite.

At $300, the Cabela’s Polar Cap cooler isn’t cheap—but it also isn’t the $500 you’d pay for coolers of similar size from other brands. I think it’s well worth the money for the great quality, durability, and ice retention. You likely won’t find as good of a cooler for this price elsewhere. While it’s heavy, the large capacity and long-lasting construction make up for the weight. If you go camping often or want a good fishing cooler for your boat, the Polar Cap is a fantastic choice.

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